The Joy of Risk: 7 Lessons from 7 Marathons

The Joy of Risk: 7 Lessons from 7 Marathons

In May of 2017, Pastor Shawn had the opportunity to attend the Foursquare Connection event in Washington, D.C. — an international gathering of Foursquare pastors and leaders from all over the world. While there, he heard Pastor Matthew Barnett — the lead pastor of Angeles Temple, Foursquare’s flagship church, and co-founder of the LA Dream Center — share what God showed him as he took on an overwhelming challenge to run in the World Marathon Challenge. “Seven races on seven continents in seven days” resulted in seven powerful insights that inspired Shawn so much that he has since shared the message with several others in his circle of influence.

After sharing this powerful story and message with the staff just a couple of weeks ago, Pastor Shawn has felt prompted to share it now with our church family. Get ready for an incredibly inspiring and challenging Sunday!

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