Proverbs Reading: Day 30

Proverbs Reading: Day 30

Walking with Wisdom

The one with a wise heart is called “discerning,” and speaking sweetly to others makes your teaching even more convincing.
Wisdom is a deep well of understanding opened up within you as a fountain of life for others, but it’s senseless to try to instruct a fool.
Winsome words pour from a heart of wisdom, adding value to all you teach.
Nothing is more appealing than speaking beautiful, life-giving words. For they release sweetness to our souls and inner healing to our spirits.
Before every person there is a path that seems like the right one to take, but it leads straight to hell!
Life motivation comes from the deep longings of the heart, and the passion to see them fulfilled urges you onward.
A wicked scoundrel wants to dig up dirt on others, only to spread slander and shred their reputation.
A twisted person spreads rumors; a whispering gossip ruins good friendships.
A vicious criminal can be persuasive, enticing others to join him as partners in crime, but he leads them all down a despicable path.
It’s easy to tell when a wicked man is hatching some crooked scheme— it’s written all over his face. His looks betray him as he gives birth to his sin.
Old age with wisdom will crown you with dignity and honor, for it takes a lifetime of righteousness to acquire it.
Do you want to be a mighty warrior? It’s better to be known as one who is patient and slow to anger. Do you want to conquer a city? Rule over your temper before you attempt to rule a city.
We may toss the coin and roll the dice, but God’s will is greater than luck.

Proverbs 16:21-33 TPT


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