Proverbs Reading: Day 29

Proverbs Reading: Day 29

Wisdom Exalts God

Go ahead and make all the plans you want, but it’s the Lord who will ultimately direct your steps.
We are all in love with our own opinions, convinced they’re correct. But the Lord is in the midst of us, testing and probing our every motive.
Before you do anything, put your trust totally in God and not in yourself. Then every plan you make will succeed.
The Lord works everything together to accomplish his purpose. Even the wicked are included in his plans— he sets them aside for the day of disaster.
Exalting yourself is disgusting to the Lord, for pride attracts his punishment— and you can count on that!
You can avoid evil through surrendered worship and the fear of God, for the power of his faithful love removes sin’s guilt and grip over you.
When the Lord is pleased with the decisions you’ve made, he activates grace to turn enemies into friends.
It is better to have little with a heart that loves justice than to be rich and not have God on your side.
Within your heart you can make plans for your future, but the Lord chooses the steps you take to get there.

Living like a King

A king speaks the revelation of truth, so he must be extraordinarily careful in the decrees that he makes.
The Lord expects you to be fair in every business deal, for he is the one who sets the standards for righteousness.
Kings and leaders despise wrongdoing, for the true authority to rule and reign is built on a foundation of righteousness.
Kings and leaders love to hear godly counsel, and they love those who tell them the truth.
The anger of a king releases the messenger of death, but a wise person will know how to pacify his wrath.
Life-giving light streams from the presence of a king, and his favor is showered upon those who please him.
Everyone wants gold, but wisdom’s worth is far greater. Silver is sought after, but a heart of understanding yields a greater return.
Repenting from evil places you on the highway of holiness. Protect purity and you protect your life.
Your boast becomes a prophecy of a future failure. The higher you lift up yourself in pride, the harder you’ll fall in disgrace.
It’s better to be meek and lowly and live among the poor than to live high and mighty among the rich and famous.
One skilled in business discovers prosperity, but the one who trusts in God is blessed beyond belief!

Proverbs 16:1-20 TPT


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