Press On Going Deeper Questions

Press On Going Deeper Questions

We loved seeing everyone this weekend! Feel free to message us during the week if you have any questions. If you missed this week’s message, or want to hear it again, be sure to check out our SERMONS Page. Messages are generally posted each week by Tuesday afternoon.

Every week, it’s our goal to provide you with some questions to process the message deeper, either personally, or with a small group. Here are some questions for you to consider from this week’s message, “Press On” with Jim Waldrop.


  • Philippians 3:10-14


Discuss these questions with someone—maybe a family member, friend, or member of your Connect Group. Use a communication method that works best for your situation. 

Start talking.

Find a conversation starter for your group.  

  • Define “limit” and “limitation”.
  • Do you know your limits?
  • Has God ever pointed out your limits?

Start thinking.

Ask a question to get your group thinking. 

  • How has God pointed out your limitations?
  • Are you stuck or in a holding pattern?
  • Has God asked you to let go of something or change something?

Start sharing.

Choose a question to create openness. 

  • How do you react when you reach your limit?
  • What do you need to change when you have reached your limitations?
  • If you know someone who is stuck or in a holding pattern, what should or could you do?

Start praying.

Be bold and pray with power. 


Thank You for never leaving my side, especially when I have reached my limits. Help me be gracious with all those who are dealing with their limitations — including myself — as You have with me. Enable me to make permanent changes that need to be made when You point out our limitations. 

Amen and amen.

Start doing.

Commit to a step and live it out this week. 

  • Think about and journal some practical daily rhythms you can put in your life to follow Jesus, not simply believe in Him.
  • Ask God to show you how to follow Jesus in your school, workplace, family, etc. How you can be Good News wherever you go?



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