IT’S ALL GOOD, Part 3: Be the News

IT’S ALL GOOD, Part 3: Be the News

We loved seeing everyone this weekend! Feel free to message us during the week if you have any questions. If you missed this week’s message, or want to hear it again, be sure to check out our SERMONS Page. Messages are generally posted each week by Tuesday afternoon.

Every week, it’s our goal to provide you with some questions to process the message deeper, either personally, or with a small group. Here are some questions for you to consider from this week’s message, “Be the News”, part 3 of the IT’S ALL GOOD message series, with Pastor Shawn M. Shoup.


  • Luke 2: 10-11 NIV
  • Philipians 2: 1-8, 12-15 (Read out of 3 different versions then journal/talk about what you noticed.)


Discuss these questions with someone—maybe a family member, friend, or member of your Connect Group. Use a communication method that works best for your situation. 

Start talking.

Find a conversation starter for your group.  

  • How do the 2 scriptures fit together?
  • How do they fit in light of the sermon?
  • What do you see might be the worst part of this holiday season? Can you change it? If so, how?
  • Do you have some pics or video to share? Tell us about them.

Start thinking.

Ask a question to get your group thinking. 

  • What does it mean to de-convert? Do you know anyone who has de-converted?
  • Have you been tempted to give up on what you believe? Share why and what happened?
  • Do you feel free enough to question the beliefs you were taught? If so, where?
  • If you were in a crisis, where do you feel the most accepted/ comfortable?

Start sharing.

Choose a question to create openness. 

  • Define and provide an example of the following: Hate, Dislike, Like, Love, Unconditional Love
  • Compare the “Christian” faith as shown in the bible versus what is seen in today’s society.
  • Have you removed anyone from your sphere of influence because the person or people did something that did not fit totally fit or challenged your beliefs in any way? How did you feel afterwards?
  • Was the bible written for/to an individual, only those who lived during bible times, for a society, for a church, or something/someone else? Explain your answer.
  • If you found out that someone was in real need or hurting for any reason, what do you think the first century church would do for that person, what about today’s church, and what do you think Our Heavenly Father would ask you to do?

Start praying.

Be bold and pray with power. 

Father, Thank you for opening my eyes to the walls which have been built in my life, especially to keep out those who have hurt me. Forgive me for keeping out You and Your help when I have restricted people’s input. Enable me to recognize any walls, barriers, or excuses I use as protection. I choose to work with you to bring them all down safely, to quit hiding behind them for any reason, and become more real with You and myself in order to be a better example of You to those others around me.

Amen and amen.

Start doing.

Commit to a step and live it out this week. 

  • Think about, and journal, some practical daily rhythms you can put in your life to follow Jesus, not simply believe in Him.
  • Ask God to show you how to follow Jesus in your school, workplace, family, etc. — how you can be Good News wherever you go?


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