Proverbs Reading: Day 6

Proverbs Reading: Day 6

Wisdom’s Blueprints

The Lord laid the earth’s foundations with wisdom’s blueprints. By his living-understanding all the universe came into being.
By his divine revelation he broke open the hidden fountains of the deep, bringing secret springs to the surface as the mist of the night dripped down from heaven.

Wisdom, Our Hiding Place

My child, never drift off course from these two goals for your life: to walk in wisdom and to discover discernment. Don’t ever forget how they empower you.
For they strengthen you inside and out and inspire you to do what’s right; you will be energized and refreshed by the healing they bring.
They give you living hope to guide you, and not one of life’s tests will cause you to stumble.
You will sleep like a baby, safe and sound— your rest will be sweet and secure.
You will not be subject to terror, for it will not terrify you. Nor will the disrespectful be able to push you aside,
because God is your confidence in times of crisis, keeping your heart at rest in every situation.

Wisdom in Relationships

Why would you withhold payment on your debt when you have the ability to pay? Just do it!
When your friend comes to ask you for a favor, why would you say, “Perhaps tomorrow,” when you have the money right there in your pocket? Help him today!
Why would you hold a grudge in your heart toward your neighbor who lives right next door?
And why would you quarrel with those who have done nothing wrong to you? Is that a chip on your shoulder?
Don’t act like those bullies or learn their ways.
Every violent thug is despised by the Lord, but every tender lover finds friendship with God and will hear his intimate secrets.
The wicked walk under God’s constant curse, but godly lovers walk under a stream of his blessing, for they seek to do what is right.
If you walk with the mockers you will learn to mock, but God’s grace and favor flow to the meek.
Stubborn fools fill their lives with disgrace, but glory and honor rest upon the wise.

Proverbs 3:19-35 TPT


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