Proverbs Reading: Day 10

Proverbs Reading: Day 10

Avoid Promiscuity

My son, share your love with your wife alone. Drink from her well of pleasure and from no other.
Why would you have sex with a stranger or with anyone other than her?
Reserve this pleasure for you and her alone and not with another.
Your sex life will be blessed as you take joy and pleasure in the wife of your youth.
Let her breasts be your satisfaction, and let her embrace intoxicate you at all times. Be continually delighted and ravished with her love!
My son, why would you be exhilarated by an adulteress— by embracing a woman who is not yours?
For God sees everything you do and his eyes are wide open as he observes every single habit you have.
Beware that your sins don’t overtake you and the scars of your own conscience become the ropes that tie you up.
Those who choose wickedness die for lack of self-control, for their foolish ways lead them astray, carrying them away as hostages— kidnapped captives robbed of destiny.

Proverbs 5:15-23 TPT


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