PROVERBS, Part 7: Going Deeper Questions

PROVERBS, Part 7: Going Deeper Questions

We loved seeing everyone at church this weekend!  Feel free to message us during the week if you have any questions about the sermon. If you missed this week’s message, or want to hear it again, be sure to check out our SERMONS Page. Messages are generally posted each week by Wednesday morning.

Every week, it’s our goal to provide you with some questions to process the message deeper, either personally, or with a small group. Here are some questions for you to consider from this week’s message, “The Warrior Wife”, part 7 of the PROVERBS message series with Pastor Shawn M. Shoup.



Proverbs 31 is speaks of the “Warrior Woman” or the “Warrior Wife”. However, just as in previous weeks of this series, the heart of wisdom, found in these verses, applies to all people. Let’s not let gender direct this conversation. Let’s talk about how the wisdom found in these scriptures can be applied to all people, regardless of gender.

  • What is valor? Do you find it to be wise to be a person of valor in this day and age? If so, what might that look like in the modern context?
  • Our younger generations get a great deal of flack for not being productive. What benefit might your family, or circle of influence, gain from you becoming a person of productivity?
  • When God created humanity in His image, He made us to be creative. That looks different for each of us. Some of us are creative in classic ways: art, music, or literature. But it also manifests in other ways: creativity in finance, business, family, and others, are Godly gifts! How has God created you to be creative?
  • The person we read about in Proverbs 31 is of benefit to others. They are not only creative and productive, but they share that with their sphere of influence. How can you better be of benefit to the people in your life?
  • Lifelong learning is encouraged in this passage of scripture. That takes many forms, but what ways are you still learning? In what ways would you like to learn?
  • Proverbs speaks of a person with grit and perseverance. Take a moment and ask Holy Spirit to guide you in growing in your tenacity for life, and your tenacity to follow after Him.
  • Proverbs teaches us that it is not enough to work and create and produce, but we must also sit back and enjoy life! Do you struggle to unwind when the work is done? Let’s take a minute and ask God to help us to build a healthy balance of work and play.
  • It is a difficult thing for a person to think of themself as “praiseworthy”. But the Bible tells us to be people that are praiseworthy. What are some steps you can take to become praiseworthy, and, also, accept becoming praiseworthy?


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