Power-FULL Message Series

Power-FULL Message Series

Do you ever feel powerless?

Ever struggle with feeling too tired, too worn, too weak, too spread-thin to accomplish the plans and the purposes that Jesus has assigned for your life?

You’re not alone. In fact, no one can accomplish what God is asking us to do in our own strength. A God-sized mission can’t be done with human-sized strength.

Follow along with Pastor Shawn as he leads us through the book of Acts for the POWER-FULL series! In Acts, we uncover the clarity of God’s mission for our lives—that we carry the name of Jesus far and wide to the whole world. And, we discover that we have sufficient power, through Holy Spirit, to lift up Jesus for all to see. God’s power enables us to be everything that God has created us to be and to do everything He has called us to do!

Join in on the journey of POWER-FULL, and take your place in God’s global plan to carry the truth and grace of Jesus to the world.

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