ONE ANOTHER, Part 1: Going Deeper Questions

ONE ANOTHER, Part 1: Going Deeper Questions

We loved seeing everyone this weekend! Feel free to message us during the week if you have any questions.

If you missed this week’s message, or want to hear it again, be sure to check out our SERMONS Page. Messages are generally posted each week by Tuesday afternoon.

Every week, it’s our goal to provide you with some questions to process the message deeper, either personally, or with a small group. One option: join us on Wednesday nights at the Destiny office building for the GOING DEEPER Connect Group.

Here are some questions for you to consider from this week’s message, “Oneness”, part 1 of the ONE ANOTHER message series, with Pastor Shawn M. Shoup.


John 17:11, 20-23 ESV


Discuss these questions with someone—maybe a family member, friend, or member of your Connect Group. Use a communication method that works best for your situation. 

Start talking.

Find a conversation starter for your group.  

  • What do you most remember from the 2016 Presidential election cycle? It could be personal, political, or otherwise.

Start thinking.

Ask a question to get your group thinking. 

  • Why do you like — or why do you not like — to talk about politics?
  • Is there a place — or should there be a place — for the discussion of politics in church?
  • How does the discussion of politics in religious circles affect the separation of church and state?

Start sharing.

Choose a question to create openness. 

  • Can a politically split church still be united in Christ?
  • What place does the lifestyle of being “quick to listen, and slow to speak” have in the political zone?
  • Are you open to differing views on politics? Why or why not?
    • What benefits might there be to openness regarding these issues?

Start praying.

Be bold and pray with power. 

Jesus, today I thank You for being an all-unifying force. I thank You for loving each of us — no matter who we are, what we’ve done, or what we’ve experienced. Thank You for Your grace and mercy! The great equalizers! Without Your grace and mercy, we are all undone. Please continue to pour Your grace and mercy out on all people in our city, state, and nation. Help me to not fear as we move forward during this election cycle. Help me to trust in Your plans for our future.

In Your great and Holy Name, Amen.

Start doing.

Commit to a step and live it out this week. 

  • Think: what kinds of political interactions have you had over the past 9 months? Both online and in person.
  • Plan: What kinds of political interactions should you have over the next 2 months?
  • Pray: Pray for divine wisdom to carry out the plans God has put in your heart.
  • Do: Intentionally work this week to enact your plan and have healthy discussions about politics. Be willing to be quick to listen and slow to speak.


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