Let’s Not Forget the Fine Print

Let’s Not Forget the Fine Print

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God chooses to use us in His story when we open our hands and heart to Him.

The scriptures are full of memorable stories and people who hold our hearts.

King David and his mighty men. Ruth and her powerful leadership. Moses and his adventures saving the Israelite nation. John the Baptist, who was a little bit crazy, but a whole lot about proclaiming Jesus. Daniel and his veggie-meals and Lion-taming feats. Job and his unwavering faith through immense suffering. Joseph and his technicolor dreams. Paul, who wrote a good portion of the New Testament for us. Peter, ahhhhhh… Peter, who got to walk on water for three seconds. There are so many grandiose stories and beloved names.

  • But what about Barney, who teaches us about opening up our lives to God’s story for our lives?
  • What about Tabitha, who gives us proof that God will use your circumstances for your good and His glory?
  • What about Onesimus, who reminds us to never count God out?
  • What about Priscilla and Aquila, a couple that puts on display the true power of a marriage on mission?

Do you know their stories? Have you ever been excited about their stories?

Let’s not forget to read the FINE PRINT. Let’s not forget the people of the FINE PRINT. In fact, let’s dig in together to learn what we can from their stories. Join us this month at Destiny for our new message series!




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