Facebook Live Tips And Tricks

Facebook Live Tips And Tricks

With Destiny and the rest of the world, having to go virtual in this season we felt it necessary to offer some tips to help everyone stay connected while we are apart. If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Derick and he will do what he can to help you. Or, if you would rather, Google and Youtube are your friends. You can learn almost anything through those two sources.

A few notes on effective Facebook Live activities:

    1. Follow Destiny and Elevate Student Ministries on Facebook.
    2. Sign up for notifications. Pay attention to our event lists. This will help you to schedule yourself so you don’t miss out on our Facebook Live events.
    3. Sign in a little early. Often our streams will begin a few minutes before the scheduled start time. This gives time for everyone to connect a little before the content begins.
    4. If you are streaming alone, on a mobile device, headphones might be a good idea.
    5. If you are streaming with a group, use the largest screen you can. See below for how to view Facebook Live on your smart tv or through your television streaming device.
  2. GET INVOLVED: Hit the like button, throw up some hearts when you are excited about something. Comment! Facebook Live events are about community and community = conversation.
  3. FOLLOW UP: Let us know what’s working. We want to serve you all as well as we can and this is new territory. Everything is an experiment and feedback is welcome.

We have pulled the following information from the Facebook Help Center.

Stream Facebook videos to a TV

  • Make sure your TV is connected to a streaming device (example: Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick/Fire TV, or Samsung TV) and is on the same Wi-Fi network as your mobile device or computer.
  • Open the Facebook app on your mobile device or computer and find the video you’d like to stream.
  • Tap the video to expand it to full-screen mode.
  • Tap  in the top right of the video.
  • Select the TV where you’d like the video to play.

Download the Facebook Watch TV App

  • Go to the app store for your television platform (see our list of supported TVs and devices) and download the Facebook Watch TV app.
  • Open the Watch app on your TV. Go to Your Videos then click Continue with Facebook. (SEE IMAGE #1)
  • You’ll see a screen with a code: (SEE IMAGE #2)
  • To confirm the code that appears on your TV, open the Facebook app on a mobile device, then tap the notification at the top and tap Approve, then tap Continue. Or, you can go to facebook.com/device on a computer or phone, then enter the code manually and click or tap Continue.



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