21st Birthday Highlights

21st Birthday Highlights

Destiny celebrated 21 years in ministry this last weekend. In 21 years of ministry, we’ve seen do the miraculous in many people’s lives! We have a lot to celebrate! Here is our highlights video from the day…

Getting Ready For the Party

We shared a fun behind-the-scenes mockumentary, showing what happens as the staff prepare for the big weekend event…

Broken wings. Bruised wings. Bound up wings.


Destiny, I delight in you! I created you to be like a bird with large wings, so you could soar into realms of freedom, taking the multitudes with you. Yes, I gave this house wings to fly!

Because of My great love and compassion for you, I have allowed many of you a season that is now coming to an end. I have quietly stood by and watched as some of you have folded up your wings, only to carry them on your back like a heavy load. When you come together, you look around from this ground level perspective and you only have eyes to see who “isn’t here” and what “is no longer happening.” You remember how it “used to be,” all along pretending that all is well. Hear me, Destiny! Because of My great love and compassion for you, today this changes! Today, this house shall spread her wings again, only to find out what she thought was broken, bruised, and bound up is stronger than before!

Today, you shall take your little bird-like-leap of faith and experience the winds of My spirit raising you up. Can you feel the updraft, Destiny? You shall soar higher then you ever before thought possible! From this place, you will find yourself looking around and seeing all the new faces I have already brought into your midst, as a foretaste of all those yet to come! You will find yourself being transparent with people you never thought you would even like, let alone trust. You will feel new fire and see new life in those places you thought were dead. Destiny, I gave you wings to soar and this is your day!

There are spaces and places in my kingdom that have not yet been occupied, but My Spirit is carrying you there even now. You are entering into a season where you shall come to experience and understand pathways, rhythms, and strategies that will take you into spiritual and natural places that have been hidden and locked up to you until now.

This is the time! We will not just catch fish, but together we will capture the hearts of regions and nations. This will not happen by hard work alone. It will happen through a people with a heavenly-minded perspective. It will happen by the power of my Holy Spirit being released through a soaring church who has found her rest in Me alone… through a worshipping church, who has embraced My ways. And through a hungry church, who desires My presence more than life itself.

Yes, seated with Me in heavenly places, you will see farther and wider, and your hearts shall overflow with My love! I will show you other birds with broken and bruised wings that are walking — not flying — under their own heavy load. You will be a body that reaches out to restore and release them into the freedom that you know.

Destiny, lack will not hold you back! You will buy and you will build. Builders will raise up other builders. You will plant and great planters will raise up greater planters. You will write and release. You will create and call forth! Like a bright beacon of light, I am setting you high in the sky to light up dark places. This very community and the world around you will experience transformation because of how high you soar and how brightly you shine.

To the increase of My kingdom there shall be no end! You are Mine, Destiny, and I am ready for this phase of My plan to unfold! It’s time to let My joy heal and strengthen you.

Destiny, spread those wings, look up and leap. It’s time to soar!

Watch Tani give her prophetic word here. (VIDEO) 


Aaron challenged us to invite and welcome people to see what Jesus has done in our lives. This isn’t a solo job, but a “we” job. All of us together. Watch the message and engage with the GOING DEEPER QUESTIONS on the SERMONS page.


Pastor Shawn announced that the Council has approved building a welcome area in the entrance area of the sanctuary, with construction starting on Monday, March 4th! This is a preview of what it will look like…



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