21 Tips to Honor God with Your Fast

21 Tips to Honor God with Your Fast

  1. Identify the Purpose: clarifying the purpose of your fast is critical; it creates a frame for your experience.
  2. Commit to a Time Period: Destiny is doing this for 21 days… are you in?
  3. Find Your Weakness: anticipate where you will feel weak or the most tempted and pray that God will give you the strength when you need it.
  4. Tell Only a Few People: Acts 16 says that when a believer fasts in secrecy, that is when they will be rewarded.
  5. Fast from Something Else: ask Holy Spirit what you should fast and He will answer; maybe it won’t be food, but it could be technology, media, reading, movies, sports, etc. — something that you spend a lot of time doing.
  6. Eat Very Little Before Your Fast: it’ll help your body adjust.
  7. Drink Lots of Water When Fasting: drinking plenty of water will significantly reduce your hunger pangs and discomfort.
  8. Pray During Your Fast: when you would normally be doing whatever it is that you are fasting (skipping a meal, not posting on social media, etc.), meditate on scripture and prayer.
  9. Read the Bible: God’s Word is compared to food many times in scripture for a reason; it feeds our souls at the very deepest level.
  10. Rest: many of us struggle with busyness and stress; fasting should allow you some disconnection from some of these things and lean you into a prime time to slow down and access where you have too many activities and busyness in your routine.
  11. Disconnect: consider leaving your email and cell phone behind; if possible, find someone who can cover your responsibilities at work, etc.
  12. Politely Decline Dining Offers: “No thanks, I’m not hungry.”
  13. Avoid Media: disconnecting from TV, radio, the news, and the constant feed from social networks can help you stay focused.
  14. Find Another Activity: people are often surprised by how much time they spend preparing food, eating, and cleaning up; decide how you will fill some of that open time.
  15. Stay Physically Active: being physically active motivates not only your body but your mind as well.
  16. Journal: it’s always a good idea to have a notebook or journal to write down the things the Lord is showing and/or speaking to you.
  17. Write to God: this can help you vent through emotions and also give you a sense of thankfulness.
  18. Think Positive: think about the mastery your spirit is gaining over your flesh, the positive effects occurring in your body, and how God is purifying and sanctifying you for His purposes.
  19. Have Spiritual Focus on Your Fast: whether it’s praying for someone or something specific or just seeking intimacy with God, having a spiritual focus will keep you divinely motivated and fed by your Source.
  20. Try Something Different: if you’ve fasted before, consider fasting something different; change it up a bit.
  21. Partner: we are fasting together, so if you know someone else in our church family, reach out to them and even share what God is doing in your life and/or how you might be struggling; the body of Christ exists for us to build up and encourage one another.

These tips were compiled and condensed from this article by Just Disciple.


  1. Christon Roquemore

    I’m struggling with overwhelm… doing all the things currently and planning for the future things.

    Bringing back focus, writing down the plan and acting on it. This is the recipe for success and yet I haven’t been able to make this happen.

    Time to focus, give all into the Lord, and bring wellness within. Because frankly, if mama isn’t well, nothing is well.

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