STILL WORTHY, Part 3: Going Deeper Questions

STILL WORTHY, Part 3: Going Deeper Questions

We loved seeing everyone at church this weekend!  Feel free to message us during the week if you have any questions about the sermon. If you missed this week’s message, or want to hear it again, be sure to check out our SERMONS Page.

Every week, it’s our goal to provide you with some questions to process the message deeper, either personally, or with a small group. Here are some questions for you to consider from part one of the STILL WORTHY message series: “Out With The Old, In With The New”.


1) If stepping into a new identity brings with it new activity, what are some of the new activities you are walking in as a follower of Christ?

2) Have you been baptized? How does being baptized represent stepping out of the old and walking into the new? 

3) If the church is here for each other, we need to help each other to be better at stepping into new activity. Who are you in community with that you are helping to mentor and disciple?

 4) How are you at responding or acting out when you get angry? Don’t give the devil an opportunity! If you struggle with responding poorly when you are angry, what steps can you take today to start responding in love? 




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