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Prayer Requests


At Destiny, we believe prayer makes a difference. How can we pray for you this week?

NOTE: Any prayer requests you share with us will remain confidential and only shared with staff, as instructed below. Please mark “anonymous”, if you want us to share your request anonymously, or “do not share” to leave your request off of the public prayer wall and email list. 



You may add your prayer request to our prayer wall using the form below. Tell us more about your request and how we can pray for you. Please just provide as much information as is necessary so we know how to pray for you. Please do not include full names (where it would be inappropriate), sensitive details, or excessive background information.

Raylene Hildebrand

I am at a total loss and need to ask for prayer. And really don't know where to start because this was not my intention. My request was going to be for prayer for my daughter Darcey that is battling the enemy of alcohol addiction. She is on day #17 of sobriety and has recently lost her job and and has all the life responsabilities coming due..rent, bill, and Christmas for two children. I ask for prayers for strength and guidance for her situation and if anyone could help us with this.. it would be greatly appreciated. She already missed the salvation army angel tree and toys for tots programs... AND then this morning I received the phone call that my mother has passed away. My heart is broken but I know she's in heaven with JESUS. Thankyou for praying for my family.

Received: December 13, 2019

Jennifer Crawford

Please pray for Gavin, he's my 10-year-old nephew. He's been sick for a month and isn't healing. The doctor prescribed antibiotics but nothing is working. He's getting a chest X-Ray today and blood tests.

Received: December 9, 2019

Jan Vandyke

This was a text from my daughter who is in the ER: Please pray- I'm at labor and delivery. They're wanting to induce labor soon if my blood pressure doesn't go down. Apparently if you're this close to due date and blood pressure is high they like to induce to avoid complications. But i really don't want to be induced bc it can be much more painful than going into labor naturally and because i need one more week before baby gets here. Im doing deep breathing and praying to get blood pressure back down. I really want to go into labor naturally in a week or so which is when I'm due.

Received: December 8, 2019

Jenna Ellsbury

My thirteen-year-old brother James was just diagnosed with cancer. Doing testing next week to figure out what kind of lymphoma it is. Just praying that it's a complete misdiagnosis. God has worked so many miracles for our family and I know there's a few more up his sleeve for us. Thanks

Received: December 6, 2019


I ask for prayer on my behalf.... I feel spiritually weak.... I have not been able to understand what I read in my bible and ask for wisdom and discernment so that I'm able to apply God's messages to my life. I have had a traumatic life with many painful memories that I want to put behind me. im asking for prayer so i can improve my life and have a chance to find my calling. im lost and sad and have no direction. ive asked god to guide me but i seem to always end up in the same place, lost alone and sad.

Received: December 2, 2019

Janet Hora

My brother-in-law Jerry fight cancer they had to take him off chemo start him on pills they make him sick.He just got back emergent care has pneumonia in his right lung. praying for complete healing been fighting this little over 5yrs. Thank you Janet

Received: December 1, 2019

Jan Vandyke

So the foster family from Montana found a house to rent for their large group (six adults and two kids) and everything was set for the move- but now the landlord has decided to sell the house instead of renting it so now they don’t have a house. Both young people have put in notice at their jobs, etc. Please pray.

Received: November 27, 2019

Marji Hjelmfelt

Lindy Sherwood is requesting prayer for energy and strength, so she can go to her brother's home for Thanksgiving. She is also requesting prayer that the weather will be nice that day. Thanks.

Received: November 25, 2019


Need intense prayer for my Aunt Shetheila living in my home town in Texas. So many unspeakable things going on. She’s in need of intense healing and guidance. Even her faith in Jesus is being tested. She called me today and I prayed with her. She is a dedicated woman to her family to a fault— she can not see the solution to her problems. Something only a professional and our all mighty God can give her. I’m trying to facilitate, but she’s also experiencing suicidal feelings. Please pray with me! Miraculous healing for her sight and strength for her to get professional help. She’s a caregiver to her elderly mother and raising a grand child.

Received: November 16, 2019

Jan Vandyke

Please pray. The foster family and the other older couple have found an ideal house to rent (they are all moving in together so three couples and two kids). But need to sell a Montana house so they have the finances to move. The young man did not get the job for which he interviewed so he needs employment. And the adoption of the twins needs to be completed by the time they move, hopefully in December.

Received: November 15, 2019

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