Learn How To Zoom!

Learn How To Zoom!

Zoom is the standard application that many businesses, non-profits, schools, and even those working in the medical field, use to connect, network, and share when distance separates. And it has become a great tool for small and large groups to connect during the coronavirus pandemic.

Right now, while we can’t meet on-site, Destiny is gathering at 9:00 a.m. to meet for what we’re calling a Pre-Service Coffee-Time — kind of like chatting and hanging out in the sanctuary, before service, when we are able to gather, physically, again. And several of our Connect Groups (small groups and classes) are meeting via Zoom, too.

What does Zoom look like? Well, here’s a snapshot of one of our recent Pre-Service Coffee-Times. Everybody clicks on the link, joins via their personal devices, and chats! It’s like hanging out, but it’s done virtually. Everyone can see and hear each other. It’s pretty cool! You can see that Lazarus, Pastor Shawn and Deanna’s 4-year-old son, was even enjoying waving “hi” to everybody. We also took turns showing off our pets, asking how everybody was doing, praying for each other, and more… it really is a great way to connect and see some familiar faces!

If you want to join a Zoom gathering, but are hesitant, have no fear! Pastor Derick has put together a fun tutorial to help show you how to join a Zoom meeting — whether you are on a desktop device, tablet, or smartphone. Watch Derick, and his friends Mr. Bunny, Mr. Elephant, and Mr. Moose as they go on a Zoom call together…


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