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Bill Boylan


Bill Boylan

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Oct 27 2021


6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Giving Money To God

Bill Boylan’s message on Sunday morning, September 26, at 10:00 a.m. at Destiny Foursquare Church and this class, held on Wednesday evenings, will be about giving some of God’s money back to Him. Period. If you are not interested in giving money back to God, this will be a waste of your time. 😉

This class will be about giving and receiving money from God, about genuine success and prosperity taught in the Bible, about how to get out of debt, and about when, how, and why to give money to God with pleasure, not pressure.

Pre-registration is required. To register, call Bill at (605) 721-8879 or contact him via email.

Led by the author of the book, “LIFE Giving”, Bill Boylan. Find out more about the book and purchase it (not required) here.

Class Contents

  • Are we Getters or Givers?
  • Two key Bible References
  • Moths, Rush, and Thieves
  • Practice Makes Permanent
  • My Giving Project
  • My Time, Talents, Treasures
  • Give First, Then Receive
  • Obey God’s Laws
  • Miracles of Giving
  • God Meets My Needs
  • Planting Money “Seed”
  • God’s Regulatory System
  • Launch Out!
  • Who’s Lying to Me?
  • Give as I Go
  • God’s Law of Reciprocity
  • Genuine Success and Prosperity
  • That’s Robbery
  • Poverty’s Cruel Joke
  • What is Weath?
  • False Beliefs
  • Three Giving Tyrants
  • Three Giving Principles
  • Life’s True Treasures
  • Limping Through Life
  • Thanksgiving and Gratitude
  • What is a Steward?
  • Relax and Trust God
  • An Understanding Heart
  • Getting Out of Debt!
  • Lasting Financial Freedom
  • God’s Arithmetic
  • Building the Building

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