Destiny Family Summer BBQ Nights: Host Your Gathering!

Destiny Family Summer BBQ Nights: Host Your Gathering!


Summertime is a fun time! And we want to take this opportunity to open up our individual homes for our Destiny family. Why?

Because we belong together!

Because we are the “assembly of Jesus, built of people, to continue His cause.” But we’ll be better at being who we are called to be together when we know and love each other.

Food is an open door to deeper relationships. So whether you are brand new or have been a part of Destiny from the start, we are opening the invitation for deeper relationships.

The idea is simple. Would you be willing to open up an invitation to your home for an evening of food and fellowship? You make all the rules. You pick the night. You say where. You can say when it’s over. You can make it potluck style (we encourage that). You can cap it at however many guests you want.

We’re starting here. We’re looking for individuals or families to host BBQ nights in July and August. Please fill out the details in our form linked below. We will then promote the gatherings starting next month.