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Dyani Waldrop has been the Children’s Pastor at Destiny Foursquare since 2004. She started in children’s ministry as a teenager with Child Evangelism Fellowship as a summer missionary from 8th-to-11th grade. With a solid foundation in sharing the Gospel, teaching Bible stories, and interacting with children, Dyani came on staff to lead KIDS Church during the Sunday morning celebration services, Wednesday night class, and special events, to eventually include summer camps, VBS, Harvest Parties and the annual Christmas program.

Her primary responsibilities are to oversee the nursery and the ministry of ages infancy-through-5th grade. The assistance of her husband, Jim, and their 5 children (ages 13-24), is invaluable to all the different areas of children’s ministry at Destiny.

Volunteers are vital, and Dyani treasures the friendships made over the years with those that have worked closely in ministry with her.

“If a child leaves knowing Jesus loves him because you’ve loved him, you’re doing something right.” ~ Anonymous

In her spare time, Superman-fan, Dyani, looks forward to watching shows, listening to audio stories, and working on craft projects – “Sshh! No need to talk about the messy craft stash here.”– playing games (especially word games, like her all-time favorite, Bananagrams), and spending time with family and friends.

“A person is a person, no matter how small.” ~ Dr. Seuss